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Q. How many students are admitted to each grade?
A. Approximately thirty-six students are in our incoming 6th grade class. In seventh grade and eighth grade, openings are limited and contingent upon withdrawals from the previous grade. The upper school classes are larger, and we usually want 60 - 65 students in the ninth grade class (30-35 of whom will be new students).

Depending on the total enrollment of the school and the number of students in the rising 10th or 11th grade, we occasionally have space for new 10th or 11th grade candidates. We do not accept new 12th grade students.

Q. How many applications do you receive?
A. The number varies from year to year, but we usually anticipate five to six applicants for each opening.

Q. How are students selected for admission?
A. Crystal Springs Uplands School takes the admission process very seriously and invests countless hours in the process. A committee comprised of faculty and administrators considers the following criteria in making selections for admission: information provided on the parent and student applications, the student’s academic records, the teachers’ and principal’s recommendations, test scores, the student’s talents, character, and leadership qualities, and information gathered during the visit at Crystal Springs Uplands School, including the interview. Each candidate’s application is given careful consideration.

Q. Are sibling, children of alumni/ae, or children of employee applicants given special consideration?
A. Crystal Springs Uplands School recognizes the association that many families have with the school and so too recognizes the desirability of enrolling siblings, children of alumni/ae, and children of employees; however, siblings, children of alumni/ae, and children of employees are not guaranteed admission on association alone. They must demonstrate qualities likely to lead to their social and academic success at CSUS.

Q. Is financial aid available?
A. Almost 20% of the student body receives financial aid, totaling over $2 million annually. We award all of our aid funds to families who demonstrate financial need; we do not offer merit scholarships. Crystal Springs Uplands School is committed to enrolling students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and award amounts vary from partial to full tuition. Grants are determined by a financial aid committee which reviews information provided in a financial application and the previous two years' federal income tax returns. Financial aid grants are made separately from admission decisions. For additional information, please see Tuition and Financial Aid and attend the Financial Aid Workshop in December.

Q. When will we be notified of the admission decision?
A. Admission decision letters and Financial Aid decision letters will be mailed on March 12, 2015, to all applicants whose applications were completed by January 15, 2015.  Accepted students and their families have until March 20, 2015 at 12:00 noon to enroll in the school.

Q. How do I register for the required admission tests?
A. For either the ISEE or SSAT, please follow various instructions below:

It is important to know that ISEE test sites fill up quickly and it can be very difficult to get a testing seat in January.  We urge you to take the test before the end of 2014 to avoid scrambling to find a seat in January.

ISEE - (Independent School Entrance Exam), please go to the ISEE website at When completing the registration, you will find CSUS listed under the San Francisco Peninsula Consortium or by the school code (051173). On the registration, be sure to indicate CSUS's school code and the date your child will take the test. You will need to register your child for the exam at least 3 weeks before the test date.

Note that we are offering both online and paper versions of the ISEE exam:
  • Online versions will be given on November 1, November 15, December 6, 2014, and January 10, 2015. 
  • The paper version will be given December 13, 2014.
Please note that the online testing events will have a smaller number of seats available. Also note that other test sites are available at other schools or at Prometric (the latter charges a higher fee but their test times are flexible). You will find a link to Prometric on the ISEE website.

On the day of the test, please plan to arrive at CSUS no later than 8:15 AM. Testing will be concluded approximately by noon. Students applying to CSUS do not need to take the ISEE test at CSUS.

SSAT - (Secondary School Admission Test)  >>Upper School Applicants only<<  Please go to or call them directly at (609) 683-4440. When you fill out the registration form, please have a copy of your scores sent to Crystal Springs Uplands School (school code 2675).

Testing must be completed by February 1st at the latest, but we encourage you to have testing completed by January 15, 2015.

If the cost of the test registration is a hardship for either the ISEE or the SSAT, please contact Oriana Isaacson, Associate Director of Admission, at, or (650) 342-4175 ext 1507. Waivers are available.

Q. How much weight does the admission committee give to test scores?
A. Test scores are just one aspect of a student’s file. Although we find them to be helpful as a standardizing mechanism in the admission process, a broad range of test scores exists among those students accepted to CSUS. We discourage review courses, repeat testing or the submission of multiple test results.

Q. If the application is filed late in the admission process, I understand my child may not be able to visit the school, except to interview. Will this lack of a visit hurt his or her chances for admission?
A. No. The lack of a visit will not adversely affect an application for admission. Unfortunately, applications may exceed visit spaces, and for students whose applications come in after December 15, there may not be any visit spaces left. We will still schedule an interview for each applicant. If the student is accepted, he or she may visit classes in March before contracts are due.

Q. What happens to applications filed after the January deadline?
A. We discourage late applications. However, we recognize that circumstances sometimes do not enable families to plan their lives around our deadlines. Therefore, late applications will be considered at the discretion of the Director of Admission and only if there are spaces available in the particular grade.

Specific information about curriculum, faculty, and student life is on the CSUS website.

Q. Do we accept international students?
A. Unfortunately we cannot offer an I-20 Visa. We do not have any ESL classes. If these specifics are not the case, we would be happy to review an international application.
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