An independent day school for grades 6-12


An exciting, seven-year journey: Two campuses, one community

We are strong scholars, passionate teachers, competitive athletes, imaginative artists, invested families, and best friends. We believe that our diverse community enriches the lives of our students and enhances our school.

“I am surrounded by teachers who believe in me and students who inspire me. I am on a learning adventure of my own making, where I can flex my creativity and critical thinking skills. At Crystal, I am challenged, championed, and I am known.”

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  • Meet Alex Lockett, New Head of Upper School

    My first impression of Alex Lockett as I shake her hand in her office is that she reminds me of Leslie Knope greeting a citizen of Pawnee. Like Amy Poehler’s character in the hit TV sitcom Parks and Recreation, Alex is organized, passionate about her job, and bubbly with excitement and enthusiasm. My second impression of Alex is that she is a sort of philosopher of pedagogy—in almost no time and with little prompting, she shares many opinions about how educators can be successful.
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  • Meet Bobby Long, Upper School Director of Athletics

    When Bobby Long enters the room, it is immediately apparent that he is neither your average Californian nor your average high school athletic director. Long is young, energetic, and dressed better than a Silicon Valley executive, and after we shake hands the first thing he suggests is conducting the interview outside, where it’s 76 degrees and sunny. “Sounds good to me!”

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