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Senior Projects

Some of the 2018 presentations:  Flights into Model Rocketry, The Future of Agriculture, and Algorithmic Trading. View complete list and schedule of Senior Projects from June 2018

Senior Project Description
The Senior Project is the culmination of our students' studies at CSUS and provides an opportunity for them to show the best of their talents, interests and research efforts. In the week before graduation, each member of the senior class presents a thoughtfully prepared, fully researched and polished talk on the project that he or she has developed during the second semester.

The Senior Project program allows seniors a variety of ways to explore such interests by one of the following methods:

   1. Research:  to answer a specific question in a specific area of one of the following suggested categories: geography; psychology; art history; history of religion; sociology; philosophy; literature; history; ancient texts; popular culture; ethnic studies; basic and applied sciences; astronomy; number theory, etc.
   2. Workplace Internship:  to investigate the work environment in business, law, politics, the arts, biotechnology, advertising, etc.
   3. Community Service Internship:  to investigate an area of service in places such as homeless shelters, hospitals, children’s centers, schools, playgrounds, environmental programs, prisons, etc.
   4.  An Original Artistic Work:  to create a polished work that is the culmination of a process of refinement and revision of an artistic piece in any of the following fields: music, visual arts, creative writing, dance, choreography, video production.  
   5. An Engineering Project:  to build a mechanical device, a structure or a piece of software.  

Each of the categories mentioned above has a particular set of requirements.

Past Senior Projects

Engineering an Insulin Injection Port
Writing: Learning Graffiti Art
Building a Bongo
Butchery and Meat in Society
Where They Walked: An Investigation into the San Francisco AIDS Crisis
Physics of Baseball

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