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Academic Value & Affordability

At Crystal, our tuition is all-inclusive. Daily snacks, lunch, field trips, class retreats, and many other incidental costs are wrapped into the $52,200 tuition for the 2020-21 school year.

We believe students with different experiences and perspectives are essential to the Crystal community and learning experience. That being said, we understand that our tuition is expensive. Our robust financial aid program helps make Crystal accessible and affordable for families from all financial backgrounds. If you believe your resources are not sufficient to meet tuition costs, we invite you to apply for financial aid. For families who do not qualify for financial aid, we offer various payment plans.

Over 21% of Crystal students receive need-based financial aid. In accordance with best practices, we do not offer any merit scholarships. The average award offsets 80% of tuition, ranging from $1,000 to full tuition. Our financial aid program assists with the additional costs of schooling at the same percentage of financial aid awarded. This includes books, a computer, athletic gear, and public transportation.

We are proud that our students who receive financial aid say they feel equally included, valued, and supported by the community and their peers, and we are committed to ensuring this for our future financial aid students. 

To Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Create an account on SSS (School and Student Services)
  2. Submit the PFS (Parent Financial Statement) on the SSS website by applicable deadline
  3. Submit 2020 and 2019 tax returns (1040) with all filed schedules and attachments, any 2020 W2s, and any 2020 1099s by applicable deadline
Please note:
  • All parents involved in the applicant's life, including biological parents, step-parents and guardians, must complete the PFS. In special cases, we may consider exemptions.
  • We ask divorced or separated parents to each submit a separate PFS and tax documents.
  • Current Crystal families applying for financial aid for the first time must submit all tax returns since the year of applying for admission. Awards will only be granted for those who demonstrate a significant change in finances since the year of applying for admission.
  • Financial aid awards are granted on a one-year basis. Families must reapply as we reevaluate every family’s financial need each year. Usually, awards increase with tuition increases. If there has been a significant change in finances, we may adjust the award appropriately.

Tuition 2020-21

Tuition for the 2020-21 school year is $52,200.

Tuition includes:
  • Daily snack and lunch
  • Most field trips and class retreats
  • One PE uniform
  • Shuttle transportation to selected train, BART, and Park & Ride lots on the Peninsula
  • Parent Association fees
  • iPads for Middle School

Not included in tuition, but supported by financial aid, are:
Middle School
Books/materials:  approx. $400 - $600 per year

Upper School
Books/materials:  approx. $600 - $800 per year
Laptop: Up to $1500

If you have any questions about our Financial Aid program, please contact Ken Considine at

You may also visit our FAQs as well as view some case studies.

Information Sessions

We will host Financial Aid Information Sessions throughout the season, but you may also check out past sessions below:

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