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The CSUS Fine Arts mission is to educate students in the fundamental techniques of visual and performing arts. We provide a safe environment where students can express themselves.

Fine Arts at Crystal

The CSUS Fine Arts believe in the importance of providing students with a progressive, experiential, visual and performing arts curriculum that offers exploration as well as depth and breadth. We believe the arts are for everyone from the novice to the experienced, and we will provide a creative outlet for every student. We strive to cultivate self-expression, an understanding of the language of the arts, appreciation of the intrinsic value of the arts, and a working knowledge that a multitude of solutions exist to solve artistic challenges. We believe that the arts are part of the human experience and are an essential part of a quality education.

Upcoming Productions

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  • The Insect Play (Upper School)

    Show Dates: Nov. 7, 8, 9 | Borel Bovet Auditorium (theater)
    In this satirical comedy, a nameless wanderer falls asleep in the forest.
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  • Animal Farm (Middle School)

    Show Dates: Nov. 14, 15
    What if animals revolted against human beings and began forming their own societies? Animal Farm is a story that explores that idea.
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