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Simpsons Writer, Mike Reiss, Cracks Up Crystal

This February, we were delighted to host Mike Reiss who has been a writer, and some time show runner, for the iconic animated series, The Simpsons, since its inception 30 years ago. Mike is a four-time Emmy winner who has also written for the Ice Age, Despicable Me, and Kung Fu Panda movie franchises.
He is the author of 19 children's books in addition to his recent memoir about his work on The Simpsons, Springfield Confidential.

Mike regaled the audience with tales of writing for the 2019 Oscars in less than glamorous circumstances before launching into some of his favorite moments and scenes from The Simpsons. His irreverent and keen wit kept the students and faculty laughing and groaning alternatively, but Mike was generally regarded as a huge hit by showcasing a remarkable career in such a hilarious light.

The Student Government hosts special assembly speakers a few times a year to provide perspectives on a variety of topics and issues. Thanks to Mike and Denise Reiss, and Annie Appleby '80 for making this memorable visit possible.


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