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Whimsical Morning Meetings in the Ballroom

Diana Parker ‘78 as “Glinda the Good Witch” during daily Morning Meetings in the Ballroom.

Deb Hunt, Alumni Storyteller, remembers long ago daily Morning Meetings in the Ballroom in which student skits and beloved characters brought a unique flavor to Crystal.

“Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?” This question, spoken in the distinct vibrato of Glinda the Good from The Wizard of Oz, caused 165 heads to snap around, searching for the speaker in the Ballroom filled to capacity with students and teachers.

Diana Parker ’78, could be found hovering over one of her fellow students somewhere in the room, dressed in a fluffy spangled 1950s prom dress, carrying a sparkly “magic” wand. The student being addressed would answer (usually “Good Witch”) and Diana would then announce a goal scored or a club fundraiser success that could be credited to the student she had queried. This was something that Diana’s fellow Crystal students looked forward to in the years 1976-78. Glinda was a fixture of Morning Meeting and like all good witches, she graduated. Read on for more about Morning Meetings in the earlier decades of the school.

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