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Learning from Civil Rights Activists

A recent Upper School assembly dedicated to the celebration of MLK Day proved to be a moving afternoon for students and faculty alike. Two local veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, Ron Bridgeforth, and Eugene Turitz, joined us to offer their thoughts and reflections...

...about their work as civil rights activists and to inspire Crystal students to think about how they will participate in a life of activism. Turitz had the entire student body stand and sing a demonstration song together to highlight the power of non-violent collective action — indeed the energy in the room became palpable. Bridgeforth answered student questions about issues like reparations and affirmative action. When asked what he thought current high school students should do to offer their support as activists, Bridgeforth answered that it was not his question to answer, rather it is up to each generation to decide for themselves.

See video from the assembly


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