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Lip Sync 2020

Crystal historians trace the origin of the Lip Sync back to the 1990s as a proposal from Student Government to create a school-wide spirit competition. In 2020, we still brought both divisions together, this time on the Upper School gymnasium floor for the Lip Sync "battle royale."

Middle School teams brought their "A games" with solid performances from each grade, but the seventh grade (Class of 2025) scored the repeat victory with a "rewind" medley of songs from their younger years. "Gangnam Style" came out when they were four!

In the Upper School division, the seniors are the perennial favorite, and for good reason--they have the experience and a winning legacy to uphold. But that doesn't mean this is an "automatic win" as senior classes have been outperformed and toppled by underclassmen in the past. Still, the Class of 2020 was on point with a cohesive High School Musical theme that featured energetic choreography. Congrats Seniors!

The Professional Adult Community's (PAC) performance is always a crowd-pleaser, and they went the extra mile this year for "Awwwww!" factor with...drum roll, please...babies! Combining the cultural juggernaut that is Disney+ with the recent faculty baby boom, the PAC won hearts and minds with their baby-inspired montage. Even Kelly Sortino's young children (not babies) participated in a Monsters Inc. scene.  

Enjoy video of all performances here.


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