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6th Graders Bring "The Lorax" to Stage

The 6th grade drama performance of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax brought a moving and important message to the audience: a message about the need to protect the environment and our ability to take individual action.

Fellow MS students, teachers, and parents both enjoyed a fantastic and entertaining performance and were inspired to think about their own consumption habits. The Lorax tells the story of a few business people who become blinded by their greed and market unnecessary "thneeds" to the general population at the high cost of using up all the available natural resources. The general public is brain-washed into wanting the useless creations and buys them over and over again in different styles and colors to satisfy their emptiness. The story challenged the observers to examine their own motivations for their personal consumption of goods.

The design concept for the show was inspired by a recent production of The Tale of Despereaux at Berkeley Rep. Crystal students took the idea of using shadow puppets as a tool to tell their story and to add visual intrigue.


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