An independent day school for grades 6-12

Welcome to Crystal!

Your presence at our website suggests you have a question. This, it turns out, is what Crystal does best – we help young people formulate and then answer questions.

We do this by offering the premier education on the Peninsula. We create and deliver the kind of educational experiences that precipitate remarkable personal and intellectual growth in our students. We do this in a small, intimate setting that ensures that every student is known and known well. We provide support for our students at every stage of their development and we also support the parents and guardians who, in partnering with Crystal, help nurture that development.

Our educational philosophy arises out of our 60-plus years of experience with teenagers and our belief that reflection and inquiry should be at the heart of the lessons we craft and deliver. Crystal students are challenged, certainly, but they are also engaged in meaningful efforts that stretch them intellectually, personally and physically.

We believe that by engaging the hearts and minds of young people, we precipitate growth and life-long learning. Our students discover over and over again the joy and fun in learning among other, equally engaged adults and peers.     

Don’t take my word for it. Come and visit. Walk our halls. Meet our students, teachers and parents. In doing so, you’ll discover for yourself the accuracy of our motto, “Community, Scholarship, Unbounded Spirit,” and the countless ways in which we find the best within our students and bring that best self forward.

Amy C. Richards
Head of School

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  • Mission

    At CSUS, we inspire motivated learners to lead meaningful lives in a rapidly changing world. Our intimate, collaborative community encourages students to pursue passions, explore new interests, build confidence, develop compassion and thrive in an environment of academic excellence.