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Community Benefits

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  • Community Benefits

    As part of our commitment to Belmont, CSUS will provide ongoing financial contributions, fund significant traffic and pedestrian safety improvements and to share recreation facilities.  In addition, CSUS will implement noise control measures and channel construction sales taxes to the local economy.

    Financial Contributions
    CSUS will provide the following financial contributions:  
    • A one-time payment of $1,000,000 to the City for the General Fund, payable upon receipt of certificate of occupancy for the school;
    • A contribution of over $810,000 in traffic and pedestrian safety improvements to the Ralston network;
    • An ongoing annual payment to the City in the amount of $250,000 commencing with the first academic year the Middle School is open
    • An annual payment to the Belmont Redwood Shores Public School Foundation (School Force) in the amount of $50,000 for four years, then $1M in year five

Traffic Mitigations and Improvements

To mitigate potential traffic impacts and help fund improvements along Ralston Avenue CSUS will fund:
  • The installation of a traffic signal at the South Road/Ralston Avenue intersection.
  • Several traffic and pedestrian safety improvements to the Davis Drive/Ralston Avenue intersection. (See Traffic Mitigations and Improvements section for more details.)
  • The installation of a speed feedback sign for eastbound traffic on Ralston Avenue between the Ralston Middle School exit and Davis Drive.

Recreational Facilities
CSUS will make recreational facilities available for community use, through a joint-use agreement with the Belmont Parks & Recreation Department.

Soccer Field:  The regulation, all-weather soccer field will be available on Saturdays year-round (except when in use for limited special events or maintenance/repairs) and for three weeks during the CSUS summer break.

Swimming Facility: 
The proposed future swimming facility will be available for up to 20 days during the CSUS summer break, at non-peak traffic hours.

Noise Control Measures

To minimize noise levels within the Belmont community, CSUS will:
  • Completely enclose the proposed swimming pool and pool equipment within a building, thereby eliminating any potential noise from swim meets;
  • Require the use of low-decibel, higher frequency whistles for all outdoor activities; and
  • Require that all field use be subject to noise and time restrictions identified in the Conditional Use Permit and Joint-Use Agreement with Belmont Parks and Recreation Department.
Construction Considerations
To assure that construction activities specifically benefit Belmont, CSUS will:
  • Require that its contractor and subcontractors cooperate with the City to have construction sales taxes booked in the City to the extent permitted by State law.
  • Use union signatories for construction work.

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