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Belmont Project FAQs

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the overview of the project?

    CSUS is building an independent middle school at 10 Davis Drive. The school will serve a limit of 240 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students and employ up to 43 faculty and staff in approximately 60,000 sq. ft. of facilities.
  • What is the status of the project?

    The campus is currently under construction and is set to open in Fall 2017.
  • Will CSUS be affordable for Belmont residents?

    Our generous financial aid program annually awards over $2.5M in grants to 21% of the student body. Household incomes for students receiving financial aid range from less than $50,000 to more than $250,000.

  • Does CSUS have any experience with traffic reduction efforts on the Hillsborough campus? How will Belmont be different?

    The school has been promoting various traffic reduction measures at its Hillsborough campus for many years and has achieved a high rate of voluntary participation in our alternative transportation programs. Currently 60% of middle school students come to school by train/shuttle, 280 bus, or carpool. For the Belmont campus, the school will add another mode of alternate transportation—shuttle buses that will pick up students at various points throughout the local area.
  • Strict daily trip limits have been set for the new Middle School in Belmont. How will CSUS stay within them?

    CSUS trip limits will be enforced by the City of Belmont under a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and our continued operation will depend on maintaining compliance with those limits. From the time parents start looking at the school, CSUS will set clear expectations that families will be expected to participate.
  • How can the City enforce the CSUS trip limits?

    As a requirement of its Conditional Use Permit (CUP), CSUS must stay within the fixed limit of vehicle trips to and from campus each day. If trip counts exceed limits, the school will be required to expand its traffic reduction plan in order to come back into compliance. If the school repeatedly exceeds the fixed trip limits, the City would have the right to revoke the school’s CUP. Without a CUP, CSUS could not operate the school.

    If the school fails to stay within the trip limits, the City can require a reduction in enrollment for the following year and implement immediate, ongoing financial penalties.
  • What are you doing to avoid Ralston Middle School traffic?

    The CSUS morning drop-off will be completed 35 minutes before the RMS start time and therefore would not compound the RMS congestion.

    It is important to note that in the fall of 2016, Carlmont High School’s start time will change from 8:00am to 9:00am. This will decrease the amount of school-related traffic on Ralston Avenue during the morning commute.
  • Has CSUS considered sharing buses with Ralston Middle School?

    Yes. CSUS has offered to share its buses with Ralston Middle School.
  • What about parking?

    All CSUS faculty, staff and the anticipated number of daily visitors will be accommodated by the 53 parking spaces on-site. All drop-off and pick-up activities also will be contained on-site.
  • What is the plan for overflow parking?

    CSUS will have an overflow parking agreement with a neighboring property owner or remote parking location.
  • How will CSUS preserve tress in the canyon?

    The school’s innovative approach to management of the native hillside landscape balances fire safety precautions with the site’s natural ecology. The new plan results in the removal of fewer canyon oaks and better maintains the wildlife habitat.
  • How will you limit noise from the field and pool?

    The soccer field will be used by Belmont youth sports on the weekends, and all field use will be subject to noise and time restrictions identified in the Conditional Use Permit and the Joint-Use Agreement with Belmont Parks and Recreation Department. Low-decibel, higher frequency whistles will be required for all outdoor recreation activities. The future pool will be fully enclosed in a building.
  • How will you ensure that light does not interfere with Belmont’s nighttime views?

    CSUS will use cut-off fixtures to restrict the direction of the light, and/or use indirect fixtures that hide the lamp from direct view to ensure that campus lighting does not wash out nighttime views of the canyon.

    The academic building has been designed specifically so that most of the classroom windows are facing east or west, not toward neighboring homes across the canyon. The main hall in the academic building and the main room of the multipurpose building will have interior window shades. When there is an occasional evening event in these rooms, the light will be contained inside. Architectural overhangs will protect large window areas from reflection.
  • What water conservation measures will be implemented?

    Low-flow fixtures and drought tolerant plantings throughout the campus will minimize water use. Storm water from the roof and other impervious areas will be managed on site with planted, flow-through bioswales.
  • What else is CSUS doing to promote a green environment?

    CSUS will use natural materials, install heat recovery ventilators that maximize fresh air, and maintain the campus without the use of harsh materials and insecticides. The project will also use brace frames and shear walls that meet the seismic criteria and minimize maintenance and repairs. These measures in combination with additional design features and architectural elements, ensure that the project will meet or exceed LEED silver standards.

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