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School Trips

Exploring Beyond the Classroom

The school offers a number of trips to provide opportunities for students to continue their education outside the campus gates. In Middle School, all students engage in a trip during the spring. In the Upper School, several trips run in alternating years, including trips to China, France, Peru, Spain & Morocco, Germany & U.S., and Zambia & Botswana.

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  • Middle School Trips

    All Middle School students participate in a culminating Global Studies trip in the spring of 8th grade. This trip is tied to World Language study and is interdisciplinary in nature. Families learn more about the trips in the fall of the 8th grade year.

    In the school year 2016-17, 8th grade Mandarin students spent time in Taiwan, 8th grade French students spent time in Quebec, Canada, and 8th grade Spanish students spent time in Nicaragua. Read the blogs to learn more about these trips:


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  • Upper School Trips

    In the Upper School, several trips run in alternating years, including trips to China, France, Spain & Morocco, Peru, and Zambia & Botswana. These trips allow our students opportunities to experience another culture firsthand, and for our language students, to practice their foreign language skills. The China trip dovetails nicely with the ninth grade Asian history curriculum.

    Currently, we are exploring more international excursions for our students. Future trips may include art and music experiences in Cuba, science experience in Costa Rica, and theater experience in England.

    In addition, in alternating years we also invite students from China, Peru, and France to join us here at Crystal Springs Uplands for several weeks during the school year. These exchanges provide an invaluable learning experience for both our students and the exchange students.