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Service Learning

Crystal Springs Uplands School takes pride in making connections and contributing meaningfully to the world that surrounds us.
True to one of the school's Core Values, "We Foster Kindness & Inclusion," CSUS encourages and supports students to engage in service with the greater community. From Rebuilding Together to Habitat for Humanity to Family Community Service days, there are ample service opportunities for students and their families. For more information, please contact Bill Kwong, Director of Community Engagement (

Community Service Clubs

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  • Crafts for Causes

    Over our many years at Crystal, we have learned that the environment here can be a tad stressful. Through our club, we hope to provide a creative outlet for students who are overwhelmed by the heavy academic load that is associated with being a Crystal kid. Crafts for Causes will allow students to have fun and also benefit our local community. Each club meeting, we will have a different activity for the students to do. While activities such as tiedyeing shirts, baking cupcakes, and making friendship bracelets are all very enjoyable, we hope to take it to the next level and donate these crafts to various causes in our community. We will donate our artwork and time to organizations such as the students at Arbor Bay, the Ronald McDonald House, the Women's Shelter and other causes we see fit. Crafts for Causes is a unique club that inspires a hardworking and creatively stimulating environment.  

  • Education for Everyone

    We aspire to bring a better knowledge of the inequalities different people suffer throughout the world in terms of access to a rightful education. Education provides opportunities for selfempowerment and opportunities to make a better life for oneself and one's future generations. The two groups that we will be focusing on are girls around the world (with the help of Girls Learn International) and a school in India, Shanti Bhavan. Another organization we are in contact with is called College Companion where we will be organizing twice-yearly college book drives that get dispersed in underprivileged areas to help kids prepare for college."  

  • Free The Children

    Under the umbrella organization, Free The Children, we strive to raise awareness about the lack of education and opportunity in less fortunate areas of the world. We foster local change by supporting a variety of organizations in our area, in the hopes of inspiring our members to involve themselves in both the local and global community. Free The Children has not only made tremendous concrete changes throughout the world, but they have also empowered millions of young people, including ourselves, to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to give back to the community.  

  • Kids Helping Kids

    Our club's main goal is too help youth in need in our surrounding community. We would be reaching out to sick children, homeless children, and children of military families. We are planning on assigning each trimester one of the issues. We hope to raise awareness for the youth in need in our community, as well as helping raise money for organizations that aim to help these children. Our main events for the year are going to be: The Giving Tree for The Ronald McDonald House, a toy and clothing drive for the Innvision Shelter Network, and a host of other fundraisers that will raise money and awareness for our cause. During clubs periods we would be organizing fundraisers, working on educating our Crystal community, and perhaps even volunteering at the local shelter. Our club members would not only serve as advocates for these children in the Crystal community, but they would also be able to work with these children one on one. We both have spent almost all of our summers working with children and we believe that they need advocates in their community that can raise awareness about the issues that they are currently facing."  

  • Planned Parenthood Club

    This will be The Planned Parenthood club’s 4th year at Crystal and throughout the past 4 years our goal has been the same, to educate the community about the importance of women’s reproductive rights as well as the amazing work Planned Parenthood does in providing affordable healthcare to millions of women. We want to erase many of the misconceptions people have about Planned Parenthood and bring to light the extraordinary things this organization does for women and even men in their own community. This year our club will be attending two main events, the NARAL Pro-Choice America luncheon and The Planned Parenthood Mar Monte breakfast. We will also be hosting our annual tea. The tea is our biggest fundraiser of the year it is when we invite members from the local Planned Parenthood community to come and speak on a panel about what they do for the organization and how important women’s reproductive rights are. In addition, we will be hosting a variety of smaller fundraisers throughout the year (i.e Thankful grams), protesting the anti-choice protesters at the local clinic, making Sexy Facts and volunteering at a variety of other local Planned Parenthood events. The club members serve a crucial role in helping educate the community on the importance of supporting an organization like Planned Parenthood that does so much to help communities nationwide. Many people do not realize how uncertain the future of women’s reproductive rights are in Washington and it is so important that we support Planned Parenthood's efforts to combat the attempts to take away these basic rights."  

  • Pre-Med Club

    The goal of the Pre-Med Club is to provide an environment where students, interested in pursuing a career in the field of healthcare, can share their enthusiasm for the future of medicine. We plan to lead dissections of animals to learn the anatomy of both the human body and other organisms as well as hosting CPR and First Aid training for faculty and students. We also plan to organize meetings where various health specialists who have firsthand experience in different fields come and share their knowledge and present interesting information related to their jobs. We also will hold club events such as field trips to local medical schools, research institutions, hospitals and practices, and engage in fundraising for foundations such as American Red Cross. Club leaders will also research and present lectures on various ideas in medicine, spanning from the functions of the liver, to new surgical robots that are replacing traditional surgery. Our members can become involved in volunteering at local hospitals and practices. Our club also strives to participate in volunteer activity around the community because the most important aspect of being a doctor is to help and contribute to our society!  

  • Share the Joy

    Our mission is to 'share the joy' of some of the activities we enjoy with the disadvantaged in our local community. Specifically, we plan to make trips to venues such as schools for children with autism and movement disorders, and assisted living centers, in an effort to connect with them and express our talents. At all three venues, you will meet people who are very friendly and supportive, and who truly appreciate the work we do. We hope to enrich their lives, and for ourselves to gain the pride of serving a purpose greater than ourselves. The club leaders have all personally been involved in such activities in the past, and have enjoyed and learned from them. We are excited to bring this opportunity to the Crystal community again. The club offers great opportunities for community service, stage performances, leadership, arts and crafts, music, dance, teaching, event organization and lots of fun." We plan to prepare for and make trips to venues such as the Wings Learning Center for autistic children, the Atria assisted living center, and the Avalon school for kids with movement disorders.  

  • Soccer Without Borders

    Through the sport of soccer, our club seeks to provide kids around the world with hope that will help them achieve more in life. During the clubs period, members will be divided into teams where they can play fun and casual small sided soccer games. Throughout the year, we will be hosting fundraisers in the form of 4v4 soccer tournaments, movie nights, and other events. For anyone who wants to get ready for soccer season, wants to try something new, wants to make a difference, or just simply loves the sport, Soccer Without Borders is the club for you."  

  • UNICEF Club

    Our goal in the UNICEF club is to spread awareness of the issues UNICEF supports, raise money for various UNICEF projects, and hold drives and sales to help UNICEF and our community. Some events could include, a candy gram sale, a school supplies drive, a bake sale, or a canned food drive. Each sale will raise money towards specific issues that UNICEF donates to. The drives will go towards benefiting our community. As well as community service we hope to raise awareness of children's issues around the world."   

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