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List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • How did you decide on routes and stops?

    The plan optimizes routes and stops to student clusters with safety and convenience as the primary factors. The plan also aims to minimize door-to-door transit time and maximize ridership. Finally, for all but northbound Caltrain, no morning routes are earlier than school year 2016-2017 routes.
  • Is it possible for students to occasionally switch stops within transportation routes?

    Yes. It is OK for a student to occasionally be picked up or dropped off at a different stop within the same route. (For example, if your student takes the South 280 bus and occasionally needs to be picked up at Woodside Road instead of Sharon Heights.)
  • Is it possible for students to occasionally switch between transportation routes?

    Since routes are near capacity, Crystal cannot guarantee capacity for one-off or occasional changes between routes. Our service providers will accommodate students only if seats are available.  

    Please see below:

    At or near capacityHave capacity
    MSMenlo-Park stn 7:15amNorth ECR
    CalTrain 3:15pmNorth 280
    South 280
    CalTrain 7:33am
    CalTrain 4:15 / 4:50 / 5:25pm
    USSF WestCalTrain 8:22am
    SF EastCalTrain afternoon
    North ECR
    South 280
    CalTrain 7:50am
  • When do I need to notify the school about a change in my student's transportation plans?

    Notify when...
    • you wish to change your student’s transportation route on a permanent basis

    Do not notify when...
    • you wish to pick up or drop off at a location along the same route
    • your child needs a one-off or occasional change to a different route. Please note, Crystal cannot guarantee that seats will be available.
  • Is it OK if I drop my child at the Middle School on an occasional basis? Do I need to notify the school in those instances?

    We realize that from time to time students may need to be dropped off directly at school instead of using their preferred transportation option. Notice is needed only if this occurs on a regular basis.  If a student regularly misses their preferred transportation route, they may be taken off the roster and cannot be guaranteed a seat.
  • Can a stop be added along a route?

    Stops were established with each transportation vendor to provide the safest option for students. We welcome recommendations, but additional stops on established routes are unlikely for this year.
  • Is participation in buses and shuttles mandatory?

    We strongly encourage all of our families to take advantage of the bus and shuttle options, or to carpool with neighbors. We believe our transportation options are attractive and families will willingly opt-in. If we are at risk of violating our traffic demand management (TDM) agreement, we will enforce strict commuting policies. Currently, we are confident that we will satisfy all of our permit requirements.
  • Are there seat belts on the buses and shuttles?

    The MS South 280 CYO bus and all KidzJet and Zum shuttles have seatbelts.  CYO will do their best to provide seatbelts on other routes, but it will depend on new bus inventory and maintenance schedules.
  • What is the difference between a bus and a shuttle?

    Buses make two to four stops along a route and take 30 to 50 minutes. For shorter distances and predictable frequency, we utilize point-to-point shuttles.
  • Can US and MS siblings ride the same transport?

    Given the different schedules and transport patterns, there are separate routes for US and MS students. There will be shuttles between campuses that can be used by US students who choose an earlier commute time. MS siblings who commute with US student drivers can take the shuttle from the US campus.
  • Why do MS routes arrive at campus by 7:45?

    Our conditional use permit with the City of Belmont requires a staggered school day schedule relative to our neighbor the Ralston Middle School. While it may seem early, most routes are no earlier than 2016-2017 routes, and as a community we benefit from the earlier start time by not adding to peak Ralston traffic.
  • How far south are the stops?

    On the South 280 route there is a stop at El Monte. We also have shuttles from CalTrain.
  • How far north are the stops?

    For MS and US, there are stops at Colma BART and shuttles from CalTrain. Upper School SF east route starts in the Presidio and west route starts in Noe.
  • What are the options from the East Bay?

    For students from the East Bay there are two options. First, students can take BART to Colma station then the shuttle or bus to their campus. Second, AC Transit Route M goes to Hillsdale CalTrain where students transfer to the Northbound CalTrain to San Mateo station, where a shuttle bus to the US campus will be waiting.
  • Are there late afternoon transport options?

    Our partnership with Zum provides flexibility for families to arrange for later afternoon transportation at their expense.
  • If we have five to six students in our neighborhood, can the school provide point-to-point transport to minimize commute time?

    The school provides point-to-point shuttles between campuses, CalTrain stations, and St. Bart’s. For the Middle School, there is a morning shuttle from Menlo-Park station as CalTrain does not stop there in the morning. Our partnership with Zum provides flexibility for families to arrange for rideshares or point-to-point transportation at their expense. Finally, it will be easy to arrange carpools with a carpool app.


Current MS & US bus and shuttle schedules can be found by logging into MyCSUS.

Useful Links

AC Transit Route M [PDF]
(Hayward to Hillsdale)

BART Colma

CalTrain Northbound [PDF]
(effective April 2017)

CalTrain Southbound [PDF]
(effective April 2017)

Clipper Card

SamTrans Route 60
(Redwood Shores to Ralston MS)

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